Top 10 Favourite Bands - Blog Challenge

Sunday, February 28, 2021

FT Islands (S.Korea)

Favourite Songs : Hello Hello, Like Birds, Bad Woman, Take Me Now, Severely, I Hope, I wish, Wind, Love Love Love, Summer Night's Dream, Pray, Madly, To The Light, Save Me


Favourite Songs : The Beginning, Clock Strikes, Mighty Long Fall/Decision, Taking Off, Bedroom Warfare, I was King, We Are, American Girls, Change, Stand Out Fit In, Wasted Nights, Cry Out, Wherever You Are, Take What You Want, Listen

N.Flying (S.Korea)

Favourite Songs : Awesome, The Real, Rooftop, Flower Fantasy, Oh really, Leave It, Like A Flower

ONEWE (S.Korea)

Favourite Songs : Regulus, Parting, End of Spring, Q, Last Song

Floor 88 (Malaysia)

Favourite Songs : Hutang, Yang Benar, Chikadun

Akim & The Majistret (Malaysia)

Favourite Songs : Obses, Rampas, Potret, Mewangi, Stereotype, ROULETTE, LYGOPHOBIA, Yang Satu, Anugerah

Insomniacks (Malaysia)

Favourite Songs : Pulang, Reminisensi

The Vamps (British)

Favourite Songs : Wake Up, Somebody to You, Last Night, Wild Heart, I Found a Girl, All Night, Middle of the Night, Staying Up, Personal, Hair Too Long, Just My Type, We Don't Care, Married in Vegas, Windmill, Cheater, Stolen Moments, Hurricane, Volcano, What Your Father Says

5 Seconds of Summer (Australia)

Favourite Songs : Amnesia, Babylon, Easier, Heartbreak Girl, Hey Everybody!, Jet Black Heart, Lie To Me, Teeth

Why Don't We (America)

Favourite Songs : Talk, Hooked, Fallin' (Adrenaline) , Unbelievable, Cold in LA, What Am I, In Too Deep, 8 Letters, Chills, Big Plans


  1. ahhh rindunya nak dengar lagu-lagu lama FT Island...

  2. Yosh! Semua kenal dan tahu la serba sedikit pernah dgr lagu. But yang last tu.. kena cari lagu dia ni. Hoho

  3. Eh ada Akim & The Majistret? Hahahaha